The Elms

We are The Elms. We are in Junior Infants. Ms O'Lone is our teacher.

March with the Elms

In March we learned about St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl freisin agus rinne muid iarracht an Gaeilge a úsáid sa rang. We listened to some traditional Irish music and all of Junior Infants got together to have a céilí. It was lots of fun. On Friday we had a ‘lá glas’ – don’t we all look great in our green clothes!

February with the Elms

In February, we learned about our tongues and our sense of taste. We talked about different kinds of tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. We got to taste different foods that had different kinds of tastes. First, we tried natural yoghurt that had a sour taste. Some people really liked the sour taste of the plain yoghurt but not everyone did. We talked about how everyone likes different kinds of tastes.
Next we tried slices of lemon. These were very bitter and not many people liked them at all. Some of us made funny faces when we tasted the lemon – it was good fun!
The next taste we tested was salty. We each tasted some salty crisps. These were very popular and lots of people wanted more. We decided that more people liked salty things than bitter ones.
The last taste we tried was sweet. We tasted marshmallows and just about everyone really enjoyed them. It was a fun lesson and we enjoyed chatting about the different flavours we liked.

January with the Elms

In January the Elms were learning about wind. We learned about different kinds of windmills, including some really big ones that can make electricity. We experimented with straws to see what things we could push across the table using our breath. We also used straws in art to do bubble printing. We mixed water, paint and washing up liquid in big trays and then took turns to blow through the straws to make bubbles. We then placed paper on top of the bubbles to make some really fantastic art. It was messy but lots of fun and we think the art looks great.

Our First Week In School

Here are some photos of our first week in school. We had lots of fun meeting new friends and playing with the toys in our class. We were so excited to be starting Junior Infants.


Here are the Elms all dressed up for our Witch Walk in October. We had a lot of fun dressing up for Halloween with our friends and talking about our costumes. In the afternoon it rained a lot, so we had our Witch Walk in the PE hall instead of outside. It was still lots of fun though walking in costume and waving to all our parents and families!


Just before Christmas we had a very special visitor to room 2. Santa Claus came to see us! He brought us special reindeer food to put on the lawn on Christmas Eve to make sure that Rudolph and his friends came to us. We sang a song for Santa from our Christmas play. We had been practising for a long time and Santa was very impressed with our singing of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ with lámh sign language. (Our families and Ms. Corbally’s class were also very impressed when they saw our Christmas concert – Miss O’Lone was very proud of us!) Santa even let us ring his special Christmas bell! We are very lucky boys and girls.